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Emergency Contraception

Where can I get Emergency Contraception in Fife?



You can get emergency contraception in Fife at:

Sexual Health Fife clinics



You can also get emergency contraception at pharmacies (chemists) and GP surgeries (doctors)

Use the NHS Fife Find My Nearest tool to look for your local pharmacy or GP

When can I take Emergency Contraception?



If you had unprotected sex in the last 5 days (120 hours)





You can use emergency contraception





If you had unprotected sex more than 5 days ago





You can't use emergency contraception



Don't worry - we can help you

  • You can have a pregnancy test at one of our clinics
  • We can give you advice about your options

Phone 01592 64 79 79 to book an appointment

You can get free test at your GP or buy one from your local pharmacy/supermarket

Emergency contraception leaflet

Download this leaflet for more information about Emergency Contraception

This leaflet was produced by the Family Planning Association)

Front cover of the family planning association guide to emergency contraception - links to pdf of leaflet

Thinking about abortion?

We can give you information about abortion

We can refer you to have an abortion in Fife

Phone 01592 64 79 79 to book an appointment


More information about abortion is available from:

Sexual Health Scotland and Sexwise

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