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What contraception can I get in Fife?

COVID-19 Update

We are available for telephone consultations to support you to continue to use effective contraception.

Phone us Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 4pm on 01592 647979 and a nurse or doctor will call you back.

We are restricted in the provision of some methods which require face-to-face appointments. However, we are trying to increase access to these methods. We can assess this with a phone or video consultation if you prefer and arrange to see you if appropriate.

Contraceptive Implants during COVID-19

Contraceptive Implant = 4 years protection

If you have a Contraceptive Implant that has expired or is soon due to expire, you will be pleased to hear that evidence shows that the implant is effective at preventing pregnancy for 4 years.

If your implant was fitted within the last 4 years then there is no need to have it replaced at this time. 

If you are considering an implant, or having problems with your current implant, we can give you advice over the phone.
Please phone 01592 647979 (lines open Monday-Friday 8.30am - 4pm)

Copper Coils during COVID-19


10 year Copper Coil = 12 years protection

If you have a 10-year Copper Coil that is due to be replaced, you will be pleased to hear that these coils are effective as contraception for 12 years.

5 year Copper Coil = 5 years protection

A 5 year Copper Coil cannot be used for longer and you should use another method of contraception until this can be replaced.

You can get Free Condoms by Post in Fife.

Please note: if you were over the age of 40 when your 5 or 10 year Copper Coil was fitted this will provide effective contraception until you are menopausal or to age 55.

Still have questions? Please phone us on 01592 64 79 79 (lines open Monday-Friday 8.30am - 4pm) and a nurse or doctor will call you back and discuss your options.

Mirena and Levosert Coils during COVID-19


5 year Mirena or Levosert Coil = 6 years protection

If you have a 5-year Hormonal Coil (Mirena or Levosert only) and it was fitted within the last 6 years then it will still provide you with effective contraception. It does not need to be replaced at this time. It will provide contraceptive protection for 6 years. Your bleeding pattern may change.

If you are considering using a hormone coil or having problems with your current hormone coil you can phone our team for advice on 01592 64 79 79 (lines open Monday to Friday 8.30am – 4pm on and a nurse or doctor will call you back and discuss your options. 

Please note: the Mirena coil can only be used for 5 years if you are using it for HRT (hormone replacement therapy) in menopause.

Not sure which contraceptive is right for you?

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Try the Contraception Calculator 

(available on the NHS Contraception Choices website)




Where to get:

Free Condoms (and lube) in Fife


Emergency Contraception

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Where to get:

Emergency Contraception in Fife


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