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We are LGBTQI+ friendly

A circular rainbow flag, known as the Pride flag, to represent LGBTQI communities


No matter how you identify: 

You are welcome at Sexual Health Fife


Difference is not an issue

There are still some messages out there that tell us that it is not okay or normal for a person to:

  • Be attracted to someone of the same gender
  • Be attracted to someone of a different gender
  • Feel that you are not male or female
  • Feel that you are different to the gender you were given at birth
  • Act differently to what people expect of your assumed gender

These are all completely normal and we can offer support and advice to help you feel more comfortable about who you are.

LGBTQI terms and identities

1. What does LGBTQI mean?

2. What does Lesbian mean

3. What does Gay mean?

4. What does Bisexual mean?

5. What does Transgender mean?

6. What does Queer mean?

7. What does Questioning mean?

8. What does Intersex mean?

9. What do non-binary, genderqueer, agender and bigender mean?

10. Are there other gender identities, gender expressions and sexual orientations?

Sexual Health and Wellbeing for Gay and Bisexual Men

Visit the new SX website: s-x.scot

SX logo - Sex Health Wellbeing for Gay and Bisexual Men






Try out the new SX risk tool

Information for trans men and trans women

Sex as a trans man

Manage risks and maintain good sexual health:

A guide to safer sex for trans men (external link)


Sex as a trans woman

Manage risks and maintain good sexual health:

A guide to safer sex for trans women (external link)

Advice and Support

These services provide LGBTQI+ advice in Scotland

LGBT Health and Wellbeing LogoLGBT Youth Scotland Logo

Supporting someone who identifies as LGBTQI+?


SCIE - Social care support for people who identify as LGBTQI+

Think U Know - How to support LGBT+ young people to stay safe online

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