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COVID-19 Update

If you are concerned about a risk of Blood Borne Viruses (Hepatitis B or C or HIV) we are able to offer a telephone consultation to support you.

Phone us on 01592 64 79 79 Monday to Friday between 8.30 and 4pm and a nurse will call you back to discuss.

Our routine Blood Borne Virus clinics have been cancelled but our nurses will be contacting you to check on your wellbeing and if you require additional support.


If you are on treatment for a Blood Borne Virus, a nurse has probably already called you to check on your wellbeing and to arrange continuation of your treatment.

If you have not been contacted and your treatment is running out phone 01592 64 79 79


If you are NOT on treatment but usually attend for monitoring you will be contacted by a nurse to check on your wellbeing and appointments will be rescheduled once we are able to see you.

HIV testing during COVID-19

Are you eligible for a free HIV self-test kit?


Terrence Higging Trust Fastest Logo

Free tests from Terrence Higgins Trust

Free HIV self-test kits are available from Terrence Higgins Trust Scotland.

This service is for people who are at the greatest risk of contracting HIV. This service is available in Fife.

Please visit Terrence Higgins Trust for more information.

HIV Self-Test Scotland Logo

Free tests from HIV Self-Test Scotland

Free HIV self-test kits are also available from HIV Self-Test Scotland (if you are able to pay £15 for your test, then you will be helping more people to access this service).

HIV Self-Test Scotland is a partnership between HIV Scotland and Waverley Care and is supported by NHS Fife. This service is available to everyone in Scotland.

Visit HIV Self-Test Scotland to order your free HIV test.

How do self-test kits work?

PEP during COVID-19

Post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) is a treatment that can prevent a person that has been exposed to HIV (e.g. through sex with a person with untreated HIV) from becoming infected with HIV. PEP should be started as soon as possible and must be started within 72 hours of the exposure.

If you think you may need PEP we can offer you a telephone consultation Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 4pm on 01592 64 79 79. When you call please tell the receptionist this is for PEP as we will prioritise your call.

As PEP needs to be started quickly if you need PEP and our advice line is not open then you should contact your nearest Accident and Emergency department who will make an arrangement to see you.

PrEP during COVID-19

We are currently not able to start anyone on PrEP but are continuing to offer a PrEP service to those who have previously been receiving it from us.

If you remain eligible and require an appointment or advice on how to pause your PrEP please call the Sexual Health Fife Health Advisers on 01592 72 92 68.

See HIV Scotland website for info on COVID 19 and PrEP

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